Thursday, 9 September 2010

julie and myself took our two children to a play area in cardiff the other day. we hadn't visited this one before so it was quite exciting having been to most of them in our area many times over. we got inside and dan said to me,
"dad lets play shops"
"ok" and with that he ran into a wooden shed thign they had on one side of the hall. i sat down outside the shed and said
"good afternoon i'd like a hot dog please"
"i dont sell hot dogs"
"oh in that case i'd like some peas please"
"i dont sell peas"
"could i have some ice cream then?"
"no i don't sell ice cream"
"well what do you sell in this shop"
"i'd like a pancake then please" he banged a wooden spoon against the wall a couple of times and handed me a plastic frying pan. after finishing the imaginary pancake i said,
"that was lovely could i have another please?" sighing deeply he replied
"no. i'm closed now" and then he walked out of the shed slaming the door.

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