Tuesday, 27 April 2010

3/4 length

as i've mentioned in a previous post i've been doing a spot of freelance recently. Last week i was working with a group of young people when suddenly one of them jumped up and shouted
"f*****g c**t, i've got paint on my mothers f*****g jeans" everybody stopped work in shock.
"your wearing your mothers f****g jeans?" another asked
"yeah, but their f****g 3/4 length". he replied
"oh well thats fair enough".

Saturday, 10 April 2010


i've just come back from the park in beddau. i took the kids out for the morning to give the wife a much needed rest (and check out the skate park which is next door). it's not much of a play park really most of the play equipment is either broken or has random pieces of graffiti scrawled over it, my favourite is "shaun is bestial". dan always has a good time there running jumping and avoiding pieces of broken glass while aimee either sleeps or looks on nonplussed. as we where walking home chatting about lunch and black birds dan turned and to my absolute horror had blood all over his face and hands. in cleaning it off i realised that it was just a normal nose bleed and nothing to worry about. dan soon forgot about his itchy nose and was asking to have easter eggs for lunch while watching cbeebies. when we got home i mentioned to julie about the nose bleed when dan pipes up with,
"i fell over, i fell over on the road and bumped my head".

thanks a bunch dan.