Monday, 19 July 2010


"I like you dad" my son said as he wiped a hand full of butter into my jeans.

Monday, 12 July 2010

herbert thompson mural

i finished this project last friday (9th of july 2010), only spent four days in the school. the project went so smoothly i thought something was bound to go wrong but it didn't. i loved every minute of this project and i'm really pleased with how it turned out. all the children involved really got stuck in.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

tube floats, caerphilly and a troubled individual

me and my son went swiming on sunday morning to our local pool. i'd taken his tube float along as per usual. i'd previously written dans name on both ends of the tube to avoid any tube ownershop related incidents. at the end of our session i realised that our tube had floated away and some other father and son where using it.
"hello" i said "sorry to interupt but thats my sons tube, we're getting out of the pool now so we need it back" i explained.
"huh" the father replied.
"it's my sons tube" i repeated, "if you look at either end you'll see his name".
"oh sorry, i thought daniel was the tubes name".

i've been working in the ely of cardiff area over the last two weeks where i heard the following two lines which cracked me up.
"it's alright but it isn't caerphilly" and my personal favourite
"yeah he's great. till the pills wear off and he turns into a c**t.
i've included a pic of a mural i just finished last week with a gambian theme for the grand avenue times.