Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mistaken identity?

While at the check out in tesco today I saw an old guy approaching an elderly lady who was sitting on a bench. She had her head turned away from him so when he shouted "a ha" and grabbed her thigh she was more than a little shocked. She turned to face him and he said "oh I am sorry I thought you where someone else".

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

community artwork update

 this mural was designed and produced by the pupils of trelai primary working with a group pupils from glyn derw comprehensive. each board is 2ft x 4ft. they where designed to be displayed separately or togther as shown.
 i worked with the glyn derw parents group to design and produce some painted elements to brighten up their community room.
this piece was designed and produced by the pupils of michaelston community college working with a group of gcse pupils from michaelston community college.
all these projects where started in janruary of this year and finished at the end of march which is why it's been so quite on my blog. while your here why not cast your eyes over some of my friends blogs.
first is a marie or as i like to call her 'the main dane' i used to work with marie at arts factory, she's a super talented graphic designer/photographer, she's at lots of cool stuff to look at there.
second we've got sara, sara used to be one of my neighbours in cardiff. she's writing a great blog but also makes really good short films (one of which i still get nightmares about) find her at 
third theres nathan, me and nathan lived together while we where in college in llanelli, we had some great times. funny to think all that stuff happened in the ninties, what it's called now the 'teenies'? anyway he doing some sharp/smooth artwork at
last but by no means least i'd like ot introduce you to jon, jon's interests are so much like mine it's actually frightning. his work is fantastic, he's at he is quite simply kick ass,
that's about it.